Nutrition and Fitness for your health Learn how to be as healthy as you want to be through nutrition and fitness education!

We provide Clients with the guidance and knowledge of what being healthy means. This is achieved through physical exercise and healthy eating habits. These two aspects of health are equally as important as the other, and Clients will learn how to incorporate both of them into their particular lifestyle in a way that is fun and unique to them. Healthy living should never be boring or routine which is also what Clients are shown here. No diets or long and boring exercise routines… just a positive change in your life.

Services offered:

-Single, couple, or group training–whichever you prefer. Individual or Couples sessions can either be an hour or a half hour, whichever works best with your schedule. Group Training lasts for an hour.

-Training/nutritional guidance for small businesses or Corporations – can be either one or both

-meal plans, customized for each Client’s needs, whether it beĀ  for weight loss, healthier eating, or food consumption for athletes

-educational nutritional guidance sessions

-Group lecture classes. Topics that can be discussed:

*keeping your metabolism moving

*making exercise a habit and priority (even with your busy schedule)

*healthy portion sizes

*reading nutritional labels and food ingredients

*smart eating

Training: Personal fitness training that is offered includes cardiovascular activity, weight/resistance training, core stability and strength, stretching, and building muscle. your training session is customized on an individual basis to meet your particular goals and capabilities.

Nutritional Guidance: Nutritional education goes hand and hand in training, but guidance can be distributed by itself or with personal training, depending on the preferences of each Client. Nutritional guidance sessions can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and are helpful to most people, especially those trying to lose weight/decrease body fat, build muscle, eat healthier to lower risk of diseases, or just to gain general nutritional knowledge.

Grocery Store tours: These generally last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. This service covers going to a health food store, such as Trader Joe’s, and deciding together what foods are best for your personal needs and preferences. You will get assistance reading nutrition labels and ingredients first hand, making the first step to starting your meal plan that much easier.

-General weight loss

-Healthy eating

-Strengthening/stabilizing problematic areas of the body

– Eating disorders

wellness, endurance, strength, stamina, balance, accuracy, coordination, flexibility